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The Organ

The organ was built by Albert E Pease in 1896 in his workshops in Stoke Newington, London. The firm mainly built organs for use in the UK but they were also exported organs all over the world, including USA, Australia and Canada, where a few still survive.

Albert E Pease was a well-known organ builder of the time and produced organs that were robustly and simply constructed, but were not the most expensive. They were designed to last and as a result, were not at the cutting edge of organ building at the time although they did use high quality materials. The firm had a catalogue of their range of standard organs and prospective purchasers chose the size and design of organ that suited both their church and budget. Most of the organs however were of very similar specification and design, being small, two manual instruments with a full pedal board. They mostly had less than speaking 12 stops; ours is very typical with eleven ranks, and has approximatley 600 pipes. At the time, it cost in the region of £150.