Ipsden Church pipe organ restoration appeal Ipsden Church pipe organ restoration appeal Ipsden Church - Organ Restoration Appeal - save our pipe organ restoration appeal

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The Future - Is there a future for our organ?

According to the National Pipe Organ Register, there are very few working examples remaining of an Albert Pease organ. That makes our organ very rare and very special, particularly as it has not not been materially altered or modified since it was installed in 1896. It still sounds much the same as it did all those years ago.

We are very fortunate that our organ is still useable, and provides the music for our weekly services, weddings, baptisms and funerals. Sadly, this cannot continue indefinitely as the organ is falling steadily and inexorably into disrepair as the wind systems and mechanical action slowly fail.

We believe we have a responsibility to look after our precious organ, not only for the current Ipsden residents and church goers, but also for our future generations. The organ is a key part of our church and worship; it has a fine appearance and a dignified tone which has served the parish well for many years, where good music is appreciated and frequently heard. A full restoration would give our fine instrument another long lease of musical life and rejuvenate its splendid tones.